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Decentralization and democratic local governance programming handbook


Bland, G. (Ed.) (2000). Decentralization and democratic local governance programming handbook. (USAID Center for Democracy and Governance, Technical Publications Series). Washington, DC: Center for Democracy and Governance, USAID.


This handbook serves as a practical guide to USAID officers who are faced with the task of developing program activities in the areas of decentralization and democratic local governance. At a time when decentralization and democratic local governance have become global interests of public policy and program priorities of USAID and many other donors, this publication - drawing on 15 years of USAID experience in democracy promotion and on four decades of municipal development work - provides
- A conceptual framework designed to support assessment of a mission’s prospects for programming in decentralization and/or democratic local governance
- Guidance, based largely on USAID experience, for choosing successful programming strategies
- Guidance and examples for selecting entry points and tactics in program design and implementation
- Guidance and examples for mission monitoring and evaluation of decentralization and local governance activities
- Discussion of key lessons learned and future programming issues in decentralization and the strengthening of democratic local governance
- Bibliographic and web site references for democracy and governance (DG) officers who wish to examine these issues in greater depth