• Conference Proceeding

Data Analysis and Validation Support for PM2.5 Chemical Speciation Networks


Peterson, M. R., Rickman, E. E., & Homolya, J. B. (2002). Data Analysis and Validation Support for PM2.5 Chemical Speciation Networks. In .


The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has developed software and workshop training materials to assist State, Local, and Tribal monitoring agencies in their review and validation of PM2.5 chemical speciation data reported monthly by EPA's contract laboratory (RTI). Nine hands-on training workshops have been given (three each in Research Triangle Park NC, Chicago IL, and Denver CO) in 2002 with a total attendance of well over 100 people. Workshop materials included: the Speciation Data Validation Analysis Tool (SDVAT), which is a Microsoft Access software application; an SDVAT Users Guide; overviews of data sources, data validation, and the SDVAT; and hands-on exercises. Higher-level data analysis features of the SDVAT include data completeness, time series analysis, mass concentration reconstruction analysis, and major component distribution analysis.This presentation will include data analysis features of the SDVAT, its usefulness in identifying potential problem data, and its flexibility in meeting the needs of individual users. Some possible upgrades to the SDVAT will also be presented, including data analyses that combine air concentration data for a pollutant with meteorological data to determine compass directions toward the principal sources for that pollutant.