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Cross-Organization Collaboration Using Web Based Technologies


Sattaluri, S., & Thissen, R. (2005, May). Cross-Organization Collaboration Using Web Based Technologies. Presented at International Field Directors and Technologies Conference, Miami Beach, FL.


Very often, people from different organizations come together as a team to work on a project. When this happens, one of the challenges faced by the team members is sharing information with each other without filling up their email boxes with large documents. They need a central location where information and ideas can be shared. For collaboration among researchers, Web-based technologies can be used to facilitate collaboration between team members and sharing of information on a secure server. The World Wide Web provides a convenient medium for exchanging information across geographic distances, time and organizational barriers and is capable of supporting a broad range of collaborative activities. Examples of such applications are document sharing, an event scheduler, discussion groups, etc. We have used the technologies in various forms for projects at RTI. In this presentation, we will look at some of these tools. We will discuss how the implementation of these tools has been useful in facilitating collaboration and communication between members of a geographically dispersed team in some of our projects.