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Construction and application of the MEEDE dataset


Woollacott, J., & Depro, B. (2016). Construction and application of the MEEDE dataset. (RTI Press Publication No. MR-0035-1608). Research Triangle Park, NC: RTI Press. DOI: 10.3768/rtipress.2016.mr.0035.1608


We describe the construction of a highly detailed dataset of the US electric sector—the Micro-level Economic and Environmental Detail of Electricity. The dataset represents a unique synthesis of engineering, economic, and environmental data pertaining to electricity generation. These data can support partial or general equilibrium modeling efforts requiring highly detailed depictions of the electric sector. We first provide thorough documentation of the data construction process and a set of descriptive statistics on the data components. We outline how the data can be used to support a partial equilibrium model or integrated into a general equilibrium model. The integrated approach we describe can preserve key environmental and economic features of electricity generation and pollution abatement. It does so while avoiding certain time costs and risks of linked two-model approaches. The integrated approach offers the transparency and economic and environmental realism required of rigorous policy analyses.

Author Details

Jared Woollacott

Jared Woollacott, PhD, is a senior economist in RTI International’s Center for Environmental, Technology, and Energy Economics.

Brooks Depro

Brooks Depro, PhD, is a leading expert in environmental economics. His work focuses on benefit and cost issues, especially those that affect vulnerable populations. His research also looks for unintended policy effects that spill across markets and the economy as a whole.