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The condition of education 1999 (NCES 1999-022)


Wirt, J., Choy, S., Bae, Y., Sable, J., Gruner, A., Stennett, J., & Perie, M. (1999). The condition of education 1999 (NCES 1999-022). Washington, DC: National Center for Educational Statistics (NCES); U.S. Department of Education.


The Condition of Education is an annual compendium report to Congress which describes the current status and recent progress of education in the United States. It focuses on 60 indicators, representing a consensus of professional judgment on the most significant national measures of the condition and progress of education at the time, but tempered, necessarily, by the availability of current and valid information. This volume features an overview essay and indicators in five major substantive areas of education.