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On the commercialization path Entrepreneurship and intellectual property among women in STEM

The role of scientific innovation is noted widely in policies targeting economic growth in the U.S., and strategies concentrated on innovation are highly focused on science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) fields, which hold high potential for economic gains and growth from commercialization of innovations. However, the effectiveness of policy to promote scientific innovation and economic growth relies on the broad participation of both men and women in all key steps on the path to commercialization; in STEM, the path begins with education and training in STEM fields and continues through STEM entrepreneurship and the development of intellectual property. Despite the importance of participation across genders, evidence suggests that a gap exists between men and women in their engagement in STEM activities through their educational and professional careers. This report presents an examination of innovation among women in STEM fields by identifying gaps in their entrepreneurial outcomes and highlighting future opportunities for policy improvements.


Demiralp, B., Morrison, L. T. R., & Zayed, S. (2018). On the commercialization path: Entrepreneurship and intellectual property among women in STEM. Technology and Innovation, Journal of the National Academy of Inventors , 19(4), 707-726. [20]. https://doi.org/10.21300/19.4.2018.707

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