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Color-tunable lighting devices and methods of use

A lighting device (100) includes a housing (104) enclosing a housing interior (108), a light source (132), a light converter (136), and a color tuning device. The light source is configured for emitting a primary light beam of a primary wavelength (140) through the housing interior. The light converter includes a luminescent material (144) facing the housing interior and configured for emitting secondary light (156, 158) of one or more wavelengths different from the primary wavelength, in response to excitation by the primary light beam. The housing includes a light exit (124) for outputting a combination of primary light and secondary light. The color tuning device is configured for adjusting a position of the primary light beam relative to the luminescent material.


Davis, J. (2017). Color-tunable lighting devices and methods of use. (Patent No. 9,562,671).