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'!Chalinas a 20 Pesos!' Children's Economic Ideas Developed Through Selling

This article explores the economic ideas of indigenous Triqui children who sold artisanal goods in Oaxaca, Mexico. I approached the investigation of economic ideas by focusing on the ways in which children interacted with customers while trying to sell their goods. Using observations and interviews, I found that as children tried to convince customers to buy goods, they generated spontaneous economic ideas about the value of goods. This study provides an exploratory first step to understanding children's development of economic ideas through everyday activity and reveals nuances in economic ideas that would otherwise remain hidden


Sitabkhan, Y. (2015). '!Chalinas a 20 Pesos!': Children's Economic Ideas Developed Through Selling. Mind, Culture, and Activity, 22(3), 269-279. https://doi.org/10.1080/10749039.2015.1050735