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Cementitious fracture fluid and methods of use thereof

The present disclosure relates to cementitious fluids comprising additives configured to form a permeable cement matrix after curing of the cement. The cementitious fluids can comprise a cementitious medium (e.g., a cement slurry) with a plurality of fibers dispersed therein. The fibers can be hollow, can be porous, and can be degradable. The cementitious fluid particularly can be used in methods of stimulating hydrocarbon bearing formations. Specifically, the cementitious fluid can be injected into the formation to form or enlarge a fracture, and the fluid can be cured to form the permeable cement matrix, said permeability arising from a loosely assembled tubular network and/or passages remaining after degradation of the fibers.


Rothrock, G., Rao, V., Gupta, V., & Johnson, L. (2017). Cementitious fracture fluid and methods of use thereof. (Patent No. 9,567,841).