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Calculation of the streaming potential near a rotating disk

A corrected theory of the streaming potential in the vicinity of a disk-shaped sample rotating in an electrolytic solution is presented. When streaming-potential measurements on a variety of materials were reduced to zeta potential according to a prior theory, the results exceeded expected values by a factor of approximately 2, even though other aspects of the same experiments seemed to confirm the theory. Investigation of the source of the discrepancy revealed a flaw in the prior theory. The crucial understanding is that the surface current produced by the rotation of the disk emerges from the diffuse layer and enters the bulk solution at the periphery of the disk. The new treatment accounts entirely for the discrepancy between literature data and results based on the prior theory


Sides, P. J., Newman, J., Hoggard, J. D., & Prieve, D. C. (2006). Calculation of the streaming potential near a rotating disk. Langmuir, 22(23), 9765-9769.