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Best Practices for Developing Smart Phone-Based Web Surveys and Systems


Zhang, Y., Levinsohn, J. R., Olive, B. J., Coombs, D. H., & Hill, C. A. (2008, May). Best Practices for Developing Smart Phone-Based Web Surveys and Systems. Presented at IFD&TC 2008, New Orleans, LA.


In response to emerging technologies and a changing society, RTI International funded a pilot study that tested smart phones as an instrument in real time self-reported data collection from a panel of study participants.Over 200 households were sampled in two counties in NC and 92 participants were selected and recruited by field interviewers to participate in the smart phone panel. All of them were provided with a Blackjack phone with paid voice and data plans, and asked to complete a short survey every week. A total of 19 self administered surveys were completed from July to early November, 2007.This presentation will discuss how we accomplished these web surveys and an integrated field management system tailored for smart phone devices in a 6 months period of time. This presentation will focus on the IT practices, software development, and system design and system usability. It will review the lessons learned from this field test and will recommend the best practices for developing future web based data collection systems for cell phone devices.