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Assessment of G/PHN young adults reproductive health programming options


Kennedy, B., Burns, A., Conly, S., & Roach, S. (1999). Assessment of G/PHN young adults reproductive health programming options. (POPTECH Assignment Number 99-162). USAID, Bureau for Global Programs, Center for Population Health, and Nutrition.


In July–August 1999, the Center for Population, Health, and Nutrition in USAID’s Global Bureau (G/PHN) convened a team to conduct an assessment of young adult reproductive health (YARH) program options. The assessment included a review of a) the design of the current tenyear Results Package to improve the health of young adults; b) the FOCUS on Young Adults project supported under the first five-year phase of the program; and c) the youth activities carried out by USAID Missions, other Cooperating Agencies (CAs), and other donors. The team was asked to make recommendations for future USAID YARH programming. Because of the short timeframe, the assessment did not include site visits to observe FOCUS or other CA YARH programs. Instead, the assessment took the form of a desk review of current YARH experiences rather than an in-depth analysis of technical approaches. The team gathered information from interviews, documents, and a survey sent to various USAID Missions and CAs. The assessment did not evaluate the FOCUS project, it did, however, review the FOCUS experiences to date so as to assist the G/PHN Center in considering options for the design of possible follow-on procurements. The findings, lessons learned, recommendations, and program options presented in this report are intended to stimulate further discussion regarding how USAID should address the critical reproductive health needs of adolescents.