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Aldicarb Current science-based approaches in risk assessment

This revision of the highly acclaimed Hayes' Handbook of Pesticide Toxicology is an in-depth, scientific sourcebook concerning use, properties, effects, and regulation of pesticides. This edition is a comprehensive examination by international experts from academia, government research, and the private sector of critical issues related to the need, use, and nature of chemicals used in modern pest management. This two-volume set contains up-to-date information on a broad range of topics which establishes context of pesticide use and outlines how they are scientifically evaluated.
Experts from a variety of disciplines contribute to this work. Some provide a fresh look at existing information, and others look ahead at issues that are central to understanding pesticide use and toxicology in modern integrated pest management.


Tobia, AJ., Pontal, PG., McCahon, P., Carmichael, NG., Rieth, JP., & Williams, R. (2001). Aldicarb: Current science-based approaches in risk assessment. In R. Krieger (Ed.), Handbook of Pesticide Toxicology: 2nd Ed. (pp. 1107-1122). San Diego, CA: Academic Press.