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Accountability for vocational education: A practitioner's guide


Hoachlander, E. G., Levesque, K., & Rahn, M. L. (1992). Accountability for vocational education: A practitioner's guide. Berkeley, CA: National Center for Research in Vocational Education.


This guidebook offers guidelines, suggestions, examples, and recommendations for developing a comprehensive, sound system of accountability. The first chapter develops a conceptual framework for developing systems of accountability that identifies some major policy issues that must be addressed. Chapter 2 discusses getting started and identifies some basic decisions that must be made at the outset. Chapter 3 examines specific examples of performance measures and assesses the pros and cons of different types of measures. It also discusses appropriate distinctions between secondary and postsecondary vocational education. Chapter 4 turns to a discussion of performance standards, including examples for different standards and procedures for determining them. Chapter 5 describes different approaches for introducing incentives and adjustments for special populations. Chapter 6 considers issues of implementation and includes possibilities for phasing in accountability systems and monitoring and modifying them over time. Chapter 7 provides information on student assessment in the context of performance measures and standards. A glossary is included as an appendix. (YLB)