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“Would you do that in your home?” Making nursing homes home-like in culture change implementation

Qualitative interviews with nursing home administrators reveal innovative and cost-conscious ways to physically modify facilities that help institute culture change practices. Telephone interviews were conducted following a national survey of nursing home nursing directors and administrators. In this cross-sectional snapshot of administrator experiences, motivations for making facilities more home-like and less institutional and creative responses to challenges are described. State and corporate support and regulator encouragement are noted that help their reform efforts. Administrators note that small steps to create a more home-like environment can result in a positive impact that minimizes disruption to existing care processes. They describe how they respond to challenges, such as the physical plant and high costs, and note how comparative shopping, cost-conscious physical improvements, and continuous involvement of staff and residents contribute to successful efforts. Their examples illustrate novel ways to humanize long-term care facilities that other nursing homes can emulate.


Shield, RR., Tyler, D., Lepore, M., Looze, J., & Miller, SC. (2014). “Would you do that in your home?” Making nursing homes home-like in culture change implementation. Journal of Housing for the Elderly, 28(4), 383-398. https://doi.org/10.1080/02763893.2014.930369