Presenters for "2018 College on Problems of Drug Dependence Annual Meeting"


Alex H. Kral

Distinguished Fellow

Alex H. Kral is an infectious disease epidemiologist who performs research on opioids as well as syringe exchange programs, overdose education, and naloxone distribution programs.


Ann Decker

Research Pharmacologist

Ann M. Decker, Ph.D., conducts preclinical in vitro research to characterize novel compounds at CNS G-protein coupled receptors and biogenic amine transporters.


Barrot H. Lambdin

Senior Implementation Scientist

Barrot H. Lambdin is a Senior Epidemiologist and Implementation Scientist within the Community Health and Implementation Research Program in RTI International’s Behavioral Health research division. He is also an assistant adjunct professor within...


Brian F. Thomas

Principal Scientist, Analytical Chemistry and Pharmaceutics

Brian Thomas, PhD, has more than 25 years of experience in analytical chemistry and pharmacology. He is the principal investigator (PI) on research contracts funded by the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) titled “Purity Specifications,...


Bruce Blough

Senior Research Chemist

Bruce Blough, PhD, conducts synthetic medicinal chemistry research at RTI. The current focus of his laboratory is novel and atypical biogenic amine releasers, including hybrid releasers/uptake inhibitors and partial releasers.


F. Ivy Carroll

Distinguished Fellow, Medicinal Chemistry

Dr. Ivy Carroll has made major scientific contributions in drug discovery potential treatments for cocaine, opioid and nicotine addictions.


Georgiy Bobashev

Fellow, Data Science

Georgiy Bobashev is an RTI Fellow in the Center for Data Science at RTI International with more than 20 years of experience in health research. His current research interests follow two major areas: predictive modeling and studies of substance...


Jennifer Lorvick

Senior Public Health Scientist, Community Health and Implementation Research Program

Jennifer Lorvick, DrPH, has more than two decades of experience implementing community-based research with urban poor populations, focusing on infectious diseases such as HIV, hepatitis, tuberculosis and sexually transmitted infections. Her work...


Julie A. Marusich

Research Pharmacologist

Julie Marusich, PhD, is a research pharmacologist who supervises preclinical in vivo pharmacological research. Dr. Marusich focuses on the neural mechanisms underlying substance abuse and other psychiatric disorders, and on the development of...


Scott Runyon

Director, Organic and Medicinal Chemistry

Dr. Scott Runyon leads RTI’s synthetic medicinal chemistry research. His lab is developing small-molecule agonists for neuropeptide S and the APJ GPCR’s.