Presenters for "APHA 2017 Annual Meeting and Expo"


Maria Alva

Health economist

Maria Alva is an economist who researches the modeling and evaluation of prevention decisions and the costs and benefits of health interventions. Dr. Alva has particular interests in diabetes, obesity, and population screening. These studies...


Matthew C. Farrelly

Senior Director, Center for Health Policy Science and Tobacco Research

Matthew Farrelly, Ph.D., is a leading expert in tobacco control research, specializing in cigarette excise taxes, state tobacco control programs, mass media campaigns and policy interventions. His research has focused on understanding how youth...


Megan A. Lewis

Program Director, Patient & Family Engagement Research

Megan A. Lewis, PhD, applies her unique expertise in health-related interpersonal communication to conduct complex program evaluations and advance the fields of health promotion and disease management. Her work spans a range of health...


Melissa A. Romaire

Senior research public health analyst

Melissa Romaire is a senior research public health analyst and program manager in RTI International’s Health Coverage for Low-Income and Uninsured Populations program. Drawing on qualitative and quantitative research methods, Dr. Romaire’s...


Michael Halpern

Senior Fellow, Health Services Research

Michael T. Halpern, MD, PhD, has more than 15 years of professional experience evaluating patterns of medical care, quality of care, clinical outcomes and cost-effectiveness, access, and disparities. His research includes evaluations of medical...


Michael Lepore

Senior health policy and health services researcher

Michael Lepore’s research seeks to advance understanding of and improvement in the quality of long-term care services, especially services for older people residing in nursing homes, assisted living facilities and other residential care settings...


Olga Khavjou

Research Economist

Olga Khavjou is an economist in RTI’s Public Health Economics Program with more than a decade of experience in the field of health economics. She has extensive experience developing cost collection instruments for many individual- and community-...


Olivia Burrus

Public Health Analyst

Olivia Burrus has more than a decade of research experience, and she is passionate about leveraging human-centered design to develop innovative solutions that improve population health and well-being. She has expertise in both traditional and...


Sheryl C. Cates

Senior Research Policy Analyst

Sheryl Cates has more than 20 years of experience managing projects to provide support for developing food safety and nutrition policy.


Steven Cohen

Vice President, Division for Statistical and Data Sciences

Steven B. Cohen has been working in the fields of biostatistics, survey design, sampling, survey methods and health services research for more than 35 years. He has expertise in management, health services research, health policy, biostatistics,...