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Children in an Ethiopian classroom use RTI's curriculum to learn English and mother tongue languages.

Improving Reading and Writing in Ethiopia

Supporting mother tongue language curriculum reform in Ethiopia

USAID Higher Education for Economic Growth

Strengthening El Salvador’s higher education sector to spur growth and productivity
Children reading books in Indonesia

Prioritizing Reform, Innovation and Opportunities for Reaching Indonesia’s Teachers, Administrators, and Students (PRIORITAS)

Improving the educational experience of Indonesia's students in reading, math, and science
Health workers in Aceh Singkil weigh babies

Kinerja Local Governance Service Improvement Program

Strengthening service delivery and civil society across Indonesia through innovation, accountability, and performance-based reforms
Mobile phone screen showing Gooseberry interface with M-PESA message

Gooseberry + Strawberry for Mobile Transactions

Rapid, transparent, and secure mobile money transactions for development projects
Teacher instructing classroom as part of RARA program

Reading and Access Research Activity (RARA)

Strengthening education in Nigeria by generating evidence and improving testing methods
Children in Latin America reading books

Alianzas Multi-Sector Alliances Program

Establishing a shared commitment through public-private partnerships in Guatemala, Nicaragua, and El Salvador
A teacher in Uganda instructs her students

Supporting Children’s Literacy and Health in Uganda

Providing Reading Skills and Health Awareness for Ugandan Communities
Teacher in Kenya leads a reading lesson

Tusome Early Grade Reading Activity

Improving early grade education across Kenya
Mobile assessment as part of EGRA project

Tangerine® – Mobile Learning Assessments Made Easy

Transforming the way teachers, coaches, and researchers assess and observe literacy and numeracy in low-income countries
Educators in Uganda

Providing Quality, Inclusive, Safe Education in Uganda

Improving reading outcomes, preventing school-related gender-based violence

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