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Hydro-BID: Modeling Future Water Availability in Peru

Using real-time modeling and visualization to empower specialists to plan for water scarcity
Landscape of El Chaltan, Argentina

Enabling Integrated Management of Water Resources in Latin America

Basin modeling supports long-term water resource planning in Latin America
Mother and her juvenile chimpanzee in Tanzania

Conserving the Wildlife of Tanzania

Demonstrating our commitment to species conservation through sustainable development and habitat protection
A water treatment facility in Nigeria.

Effective Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene Services in Nigeria (E-WASH)

Working with state water boards to deliver better urban services to the Nigerian people
Elephant herd in Tanzania.

USAID PROTECT and USAID Wildlife Asia: Combating Illegal Wildlife Trafficking

Conservation of endangered species by tackling the illegal wildlife trade
A man works on a water main in Jordan.

Improving Jordan’s Water Sector Governance to Strengthen Water Security

Institutional Support and Strengthening Program (ISSP)
A closeup of a farm worker holding mangoes

The YieldWise Initiative

Monitoring and evaluating efforts to reduce post-harvest waste in sub-Saharan Africa
Sunset on a highway in Guatemala

Guatemala Low Emission Development Strategy (G-LEDS)

Spurring economic and social development by reducing greenhouse gas emissions
A USAID employee monitors an active volcano in Nicaragua.

Building Disaster Resilience in Latin America and the Caribbean

Supporting the Office of U.S. Foreign Disaster Assistance
Water treatment plant

Achieving Water Sustainability through Nanoscale Science and Engineering

Funding forward-thinking, collaborative, groundbreaking work
woman wearing a breathing mask on a city street in China

Air Quality Management Planning Framework

Helping China improve air quality through U.S. best practices
Smoke billows from smokestacks at an industrial plant

Development and Implementation of the Greenhouse Gas Reporting Program

Leading collection and verification of facility-level emissions data to inform U.S. efforts to slow climate change
Panama Canal

Monitoring and Forecasting Reservoir Levels in the Panama Canal

Maintaining a delicate balance for one of the world’s most important shipping routes
The Nile River Basin

The Nile River Basin Initiative

Allocating the resources of the world’s longest river

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