Career Development Programs

To help you develop your career and grow professionally at RTI, we offer the following programs and resources.

RTI Fellow Program

The RTI Fellow Program sponsors a small group of distinguished scientists whose professional career and expertise spans a broad area of RTI research, such as health, medicine, and social policy; basic science and engineering; environmental and industrial sciences; and international health and development. The program provides scientific and technical leadership within RTI and to the broader research community in support of our mission to improve the human condition.

RTI Press

The mission of the RTI Press is to bring RTI research, analytic tools, and technical expertise to national and international attention by serving as a respected outlet for RTI studies and analyses.

RTI Publications Database

The RTI Publications Database is an external website resource that contains peer-reviewed journal articles, books and book chapters, reports, papers, presentations, and other publications authored by RTI researchers.

RTI Prominent Publications

RTI Prominent Publications was initiated by the RTI Fellow Program to reinforce the importance of scientific stature and increase awareness of outstanding and highly cited papers by RTI researchers.

RTI University

RTI University is an integral part of educational opportunities for our employees, structuring and driving professional development, learning, and knowledge sharing for our staff.

Scientific Stature Database

The Scientific Stature Database is an internal employee tool for capturing the details of research accomplishments. Employees and management use this tool to support performance appraisals, document citations for authors' awards, and maintain updated citations on professional CVs.

State of the Science

Developed by the RTI Fellow Program, PASS (for Procedure to Assess the State of the Science) is an internal, objective method to evaluate how we currently create and use knowledge for solving problems, answering questions, or recommending policy.

Professional Development

Our success depends on the ability of our staff to perform at a high level. To provide you with opportunities to grow and expand your capabilities, we established a Professional Development Program that includes professional development awards and sabbatical leaves.

Educational Assistance Program

We encourage employees to enhance current job skills and knowledge and improve career opportunities at RTI by pursuing additional education. We will reimburse eligible employees up to a maximum established amount per calendar year for approved educational expenses.

Mentorship Program

We have structured mentor/mentee programs designed to address employees developmental goals as well as build strong working relationships among our staff. Each department has their own customized program to meet the specific needs in their area. These programs allow mentor and mentee to be matched accordingly and are conducted typically over a one-year time span.