Agricultural Research, Development, and Education

We are advancing agriculture worldwide with our knowledge of environmental sciences, pollution control technologies and practices, food security, food safety and risk assessment, agricultural economics, and biofuels technology development.

Our multidisciplinary approach to problem solving and innovation uses skills such as multimedia modeling and geographic information systems to assess and plan site-specific, regional, national, and international strategies that promote and enhance both sustainable agriculture and sustainable environments. Our outreach programs communicate effective environmental management practices to the agricultural community.

Agricultural, Resource, and Energy Economics and Policy Program

The RTI Environmental Engineering and Economics office has established the Agricultural, Resource, and Energy Economics and Policy (AREEP) Program. Guided by RTI Fellow Robert Beach, PhD, AREEP specializes in economic modeling and policy analysis of actions affecting the agricultural and forestry sectors, natural resources, and energy and assesses the effects on those sectors as well as economy-wide impacts.

Focus Areas and Capabilities

Example Projects


Robert H. Beach
RTI Fellow, Agricultural, Resource & Energy Economics and Policy Program
Mary K. Muth
Director, Food and Nutrition Policy Research