2017 World Clean Coal Conference China

November 15, 2017 to November 16, 2017

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RTI’s Energy Technology Division (ETD) will be traveling to Beijing, China to attend the 2017 World Clean Coal Conference China. David Denton, Senior Director of Business Development, will be presenting during the first session on Thursday, November 16th at 10:15 AM on “Casale/RTI Advanced Warm Syngas Cleanup Technology for Gasification Application.” In November 2016, RTI International and Casale SA entered into a Global Licensing and Cooperation Agreement for RTI’s Breakthrough Warm-Gas Desulfurization Process Technology. David will also be joined by Jim Zhou (Director of Gas Separations) and both will be available, on site, to discuss RTI’s various energy technologies and respective applications.

World Clean Coal Conference is the series events in response to the new challenges and opportunities facing clean coal industry worldwide. By introducing the leading coal companies, power utilities, oil & gas companies, chemical and fertilizer producers’ innovative experiences, addressing the major challenges in government policy, regulation and industrial standards, delivering latest developments in technologies that help clean coal industry build new business model fitting into a low carbon and sustainable future.