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RTI International named winner of CDC’s Healthy Behavior Data Challenge

Building on the growing trend of using technology to track health and fitness, our study obtained a voluntary donation of Fitbit data from individual participants to illustrate how integrating survey data with measures of physical activity, sedentary behaviors and sleep can create a more detailed picture of health at the population level


A Call for Ideas to Curb the Spread of Misinformation

Much of the current discussion of misinformation as a societal concern has highlighted how much inaccurate information is available online or in news media. Yet what makes misinformation a particularly acute problem today is its ability to spread rapidly and pervasively—as people post false...

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F. Ivy Carroll and Mansukh C. Wani honored by RTP Rotary Club

Research Triangle Park—Two long-time RTI International researchers— F. Ivy Carroll, a Distinguished Fellow for Medicinal Chemistry at the Center for Drug Discovery, and Emeritus Scientist Mansukh C. Wani—have been honored today by the Research Triangle Park (RTP) Rotary Club at the North...

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RTI International CEO participates in leading international development forum

Research Triangle Park, NC- E. Wayne Holden , PhD, president and CEO of RTI International, will participate in two events highlighting the impacts, opportunities and risks associated with the increased frequency and size of global technological disruptions sponsored by the Center for Strategic...