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Study finds Hepatitis B prevention program cost-effective

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention’s Perinatal Hepatitis B Prevention Program is a cost-effective use of resources, according to a new study by RTI International and the CDC. The Perinatal Hepatitis B Prevention Program aims to ensure infants born to women who have hepatitis B receive...

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RTI International’s Press names new leadership

Dorota Temple, Ph.D., a senior fellow at RTI International was named editor-in-chief of RTI International’s RTI Press. Temple has served as the Press’s deputy editor-in-chief for the past three years and will serve a three-year-term in her new role.

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RTI International forms center to tackle big data

RTI International formed the Center for Statistical and Data Sciences to tackle big data. The center brings together about 80 staff members within RTI that include data modelers, computational scientists, statisticians, and experts in predictive analytics.