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2-11-2016 George Van Houtven appointed to EPA Science Advisory Board’s Environmental Economics Advisory Committee
George Van Houtven, Ph.D., senior environmental economist at RTI International, has been appointed to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Science Advisory Board’s Environmental Economics Advisory Committee. 
2-11-2016 Better quality control measures needed to regulate medical marijuana
A new volume in the Emerging Issues in Analytical Chemistry series from Elsevier and RTI Press, "The Analytical Chemistry of Cannabis: Quality Assessment, Assurance, and Regulation of Medicinal Marijuana and Cannabinoid Preparations," provides information that could be useful in establishing standards for the manufacturing, labelling and distribution of safe and consistent medical marijuana products.  
2-8-2016 Millennials invited to share insight into global youth unemployment crisis
The GroundTruth Project and the Global Center for Youth Employment launched ‘Youth Voices’ with professional storytellers bringing expertise from Washington Post, BuzzFeed, Fusion, GlobalPost and Google News Lab.
2-8-2016 Heather Ringeisen to serve on panel to redesign child section of the National Health Interview Survey
Heather Ringeisen, Ph.D., a senior research clinical child psychologist and director of RTI International's Center for Behavioral Health and Development, has been appointed to serve on the Technical Expert Panel for the 2018 redesign of the child section of the National Health Interview Survey. 
2-4-2016 RTI International donates $10,000 and 8,600 boxes of water in support of Flint, Michigan, water crisis
In support of relief efforts for the Flint, Michigan, water crisis, RTI International donated $10,000 to the American Red Cross.
2-1-2016 Study: Middle-aged white men marijuana use on the rise
White males over 35 are the age group most commonly using marijuana while drinking alcohol or taking non-medically prescribed pain relievers, according to a study conducted by RTI International.
1-26-2016 Landmark anti-tobacco campaign hits home with a young audience, RTI International researchers find
An FDA anti-smoking campaign aimed at youth reached high levels of awareness among its intended audience, according to a recent analysis by RTI International researchers.
1-20-2016 Survey finds the percentage of undergraduate women at 9 colleges who were sexually assaulted during 2014-2015 academic year varied considerably
In a survey of students at nine U.S. colleges and universities, the percentage of undergraduate women who experienced a sexual assault, defined as sexual battery or rape, during 2014-2015 academic year varied considerably—rates varied among the 9 schools, ranging from 4 percent to 20 percent. 
1-18-2016 Majority of first-time college students are pursuing certificates or associate’s degrees
The majority of first-time college students enroll in certificate or associate’s degree programs – not bachelor’s degree programs, according to a study conducted by RTI International and released by the U.S. Department of Education’s National Center for Education Statistics.
1-15-2016 Study: RTI International-developed thin-film thermoelectric coolers remove up to 25 times more heat than conventional devices
Thin-film-based thermoelectric coolers can remove up to 25 times more heat than conventional thermoelectric coolers, according to a paper co-authored by researchers at RTI International.