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Robert M. Bray

Senior Research Psychologist

Robert M. Bray, PhD, is a fellow of the American Psychological Association and a senior research psychologist. His research interests focus on the epidemiology of substance use and other health behaviors in military and civilian populations with an emphasis on understanding the prevalence, causes, correlates, and consequences of these behaviors. He has directed nine comprehensive worldwide Department of Defense surveys of military personnel that comprise the most widely cited data on substance use and health behaviors in the military. He is preparing a book summarizing findings from these studies. Dr. Bray is principal editor of Drug Use in Metropolitan America, which integrates findings from a large-scale study of drug use among diverse populations in the Washington, DC metropolitan area. He has published and presented widely in the area of substance use and health-related behaviors.


PhD, Social Psychology, University of Illinois; MS, Psychology, Brigham Young University; AB, Psychology, Brigham Young University.

Latest Publications

Reyes-Guzman, C.M., Bray, R.M., Forman-Hoffman, V.L., & Williams, J. (2015). Overweight and Obesity Trends Among Active Duty Military Personnel: A 13-Year Perspective. American Journal of Preventive Medicine, 48 (2):145-153.
Hourani, L., Williams, J., Bray, R., & Kandel, D. (2015). Gender differences in the expression of PTSD symptoms among active duty military personnel. Journal of Anxiety Disorders, 29 :101-108.
Engel, C.C., Bray, R.M., Jaycox, L.H., Freed, M.C., Zatzick, D., Lane, M.E., Brambilla, D., Rae Olmsted, K., et al. (2014). Implementing collaborative primary care for depression and posttraumatic stress disorder: Design and sample for a randomized trial in the U.S. military health system. Contemporary Clinical Trials, 39 (2):310-319.
Adams, R.S., Larson, M.J., Corrigan, J.D., Ritter, G.A., Horgan, C.M., Bray, R.M., et al. (2014). Combat-Acquired Traumatic Brain Injury, Posttraumatic Stress Disorder, and Their Relative Associations With Postdeployment Binge Drinking. Journal of Head Trauma Rehabilitation , Advance Online Publication .
Quartana, P.J., Wilk, J.E., Thomas, J.L., Bray, R.M., Rae Olmsted, K.L., Brown, J.M., Williams, J., et al. (2014). Trends in Mental Health Services Utilization and Stigma in US Soldiers From 2002 to 2011. American Journal of Public Health, 104 (9):1671-1679.
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