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Christine M. Layton

Public Health Scientist

Christine Layton, PhD, MPH, is an expert in evaluating public health programs and policies. She has more than 20 years of professional experience, primarily in qualitative analysis and evaluation of public health programs and policies at the national, state, and local level.

Her work has focused on broad issues related to vulnerable populations, including women, children, and families. She is especially interested in the evaluation and implementation of public health programs at the community level. Her recent work focuses on issues related to immunization and vaccine, vaccines, and seasonal and pandemic influenza.

She has considerable experience and expertise leading key informant interviews and focus groups with participants ranging from health care providers and government officials to pregnant women and persons experiencing homelessness. She is also experienced in developing and conducting case studies.

Dr. Layton continues to examine a range of public health topics, including those related to adverse perinatal outcomes, minority health, health care financing, and infrastructure.


PhD, Public Health, The Johns Hopkins University; MPH, Yale University; BA, Independent Study, Hampshire College.

Latest Publications

Prospective cost-benefit analysis of a two-dimensional barcode for vaccine production, clinical documentation, and public health reporting and tracking — Vaccine
O'Connor, A.C., Kennedy, E.D., Loomis, R.J., Haque, S.N., Layton, C.M., Williams, W.W., Amoozegar, J.B., Braun, F.M., Honeycutt, A.A., et al. (Jun 2013)
Pregnant and Recently Pregnant Women's Perceptions about Influenza A Pandemic (H1N1) 2009: Implications for Public Health and Provider Communication — Maternal and Child Health Journal
Lynch, M.M., Mitchell, E.W., Williams, J.L., Brumbaugh, K., Jones-Bell, M., Pinkney, D.E., Layton, C.M., et al. (Nov 2012)
Prenatal Care Providers and Influenza Prevention and Treatment: Lessons from the Field — Maternal and Child Health Journal
Mersereau, P.W., Layton, C.M., Smith, L.R., Kendrick, J.S., Mitchell, E.W., Amoozegar, J.B., et al. (Feb 2012)
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