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Allen W. Mangel

Executive Vice President, RTI Health Solutions

Allen Mangel, MD, PhD, is a gastroenterologist and executive vice president of RTI Health Solutions. After his medical training, Dr. Mangel was an intern and resident in internal medicine at Duke University Medical Center and also completed his gastroenterology fellowship at Duke. After this formal training, he remained on the Duke faculty in the Department of Medicine, Division of Gastroenterology. After leaving Duke, he joined the gastroenterology clinical research department at Glaxo Wellcome, where he was head of the gastroenterology clinical development group. Following Glaxo, Dr. Mangel became vice president of research and development at Salix Pharmaceuticals. Dr. Mangel also has a PhD from the University of Illinois, where his research focused on control of electrical and mechanical activity in gastrointestinal smooth muscle. He has led or participated in numerous FDA interactions, advisory committee presentations, label negotiations, and NDA submissions, and he has written over 85 publications.


MD, Georgetown University School of Medicine; PhD, Physiology, University of Illinois; MS, Physiology, University of Illinois; BS, Physiology, University of Illinois.

Latest Publications

Sahibzada, N., Mangel, A.W., Tatge, J.E., Dretchen, K.L., Franz, M.R., Virmani, R., et al. (2015). Rhythmic Aortic Contractions Induced by Electrical Stimulation In Vivo in the Rat. PLoS one, 10 (7):e0130255.
Mangel, A.W. (2014). Does the aortic smooth muscle wall undergo rhythmic contractions during the cardiac cycle?. Experimental & Clinical Cardiology, 20 (11):6844-6851.
Ervin, C.M., Fehnel, S.E., Baird, M.J., Carson, R.T., Johnston, J.M., Shiff, S.J., Kurtz, C.B., & Mangel, A.W. (2014). Assessment of treatment response in chronic constipation clinical trials. Clinical and Experimental Gastroenterology, 7 :191-198.
Marion, S.B., & Mangel, A.W. (2014). From depolarization-dependent contractions in gastrointestinal smooth muscle to aortic pulse-synchronized contractions. Clinical and Experimental Gastroenterology, 7 :61-66.
Ervin, C.M., & Mangel, A.W. (2013). Clinical Trials in Irritable Bowel Syndrome: A Review. Rev Recent Clin Trials, 8 (1):9-22.
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