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RTI Merge™

Merging AI with human expertise to accelerate social science research

Organizations across all industries are collecting and processing a wealth of information and it continues to grow at a rapid pace. Extracting actionable insights from large datasets is time-consuming and costly. That is why we fused the latest advancements in science and technology to develop RTI Merge™, an integration platform supporting data acquisition and ingestion, knowledge curation, and mixed modeling and simulations.

Comprised of a full-suite of AI-driven tools, our platform allows organizations to save time on project start up by providing a single, pre-existing environment to run projects for once disconnected systems. While serving as a connection point for a variety of assets, teams will be able to extract insights from a mass of data, enabling researchers and policymakers to make informed, evidence-based decisions.  

Through a combination of data processing, knowledge curation, and modeling and simulations, RTI Merge™ can help organizations:

  • Automate workflows, data acquisition, and data curation while accounting for version control
  • Develop efficient, AI-assisted human workflows 
  • Access specific AI capabilities including custom machine learning modules and knowledge graphs
  • Manage cloud data on a scalable platform available for all major database types 
  • Explore fused data and reusable assets

With RTI Merge™, we do more than provide access to robust datasets and workflow suggestions. We use our expertise to derive actionable insights and translate them into practical “next steps” that organizations can implement to inspire change. 

Our Products

RTI Simulate™

Uncover critical insights with a flexible, scalable environment for running large simulations

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RTI SynthPop™

Leverage spatially explicit records for every US households and person without the concern of personably identifiable information (PII)

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