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We've Got to Get Real About Medicare and Medicaid

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  • Forbes

November 08, 2011

Yesterday, I joined three of the most creative thinkers in the long-term care policy world to discuss the future of personal care services for the elderly and disabled in an era of shrinking government resources.

Family Doc Says No To Perilous Chickenpox Pops

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  • National Public Radio

November 06, 2011

I remember when our kids got chickenpox. We were returning from vacation, and our middle child had been feverish and complained of a headache. When we got on the plane to go home I saw the characteristic signs.

Disease Management Program Fails to Cut Medicare Costs

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  • Family Practice News

November 01, 2011

Eight commercial disease-management companies using nurse-based telephone care programs failed to improve quality of care, reduce hospital admissions, decrease emergency department visits, or cut health care costs in a pilot project of fee-for-servic