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Comment: They suffer the cruelty of our care

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  • MSN Africa

December 12, 2015

Preventing all forms of violence against women aged 18 to 25 is critical not only for their wellbeing but also as part of a broader strategy for curbing the very high rate of new HIV infections, particularly in this age group.

Researchers measure NC psychiatric bed shortage

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  • The News & Observer

December 11, 2015

The state would need another psychiatric hospital nearly the size of Central Regional in Butner to reduce average wait times for beds to about one day for patients in the middle of the state, according to a study released this month.

Talk therapy vs meds for major depression

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  • WebMD

December 07, 2015

Talk therapy and antidepressants could both be equally effective as stand-alone treatments for major depressive disorder, new research indicates.