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His road to recovery began with living in a truck on Chicago's streets

RTI in the Media

  • Chicago Tribune

December 28, 2015

An evaluation of 23 drug courts nationwide concluded that drug court participants were less likely to relapse than similar offenders who weren't diverted to drug court, according to the Justice Policy Center at the Urban Institute, RTI International

What we can learn from that paper about campus rape on game days

RTI in the Media

  • Slate

December 28, 2015

Do Division I football games lead to an increase in on-campus sexual assault? That’s the claim of a new paper from the National Bureau of Economic Research that has become the latest talking point in the heated conversation about campus rape.

Activity trackers may overestimate sleep time

RTI in the Media

  • Yahoo! News

December 27, 2015

Wearable activity trackers that promise to monitor physical activity, sleep and other behaviours may be good at counting steps but bad at measuring sleep, says a new study.

Comparing costs for outpatient care

RTI in the Media

  • The Wall Street Journal

December 24, 2015

Due to an obscure bit of regulatory wording, Medicare patients pay far more out of pocket for outpatient care at the small, rural hospitals known as critical-access hospitals than they would for the same care elsewhere, according a Wall Street Journa

CDC awards RTI a 10-year health marketing deal

RTI in the Media

  • Triangle Business Journal

December 23, 2015

RTI International has received a multimillion dollar multiple-award blanket purchase agreement for health marketing by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

U.S. and Egypt sign 5-year university partnership program

RTI in the Media

  • Bloomberg Business

December 14, 2015

Egyptian and U.S. officials launched today the $57 million Higher Education Program (HEPP), a key component of the flagship $250 million Higher Education Initiative (HEI) that the two countries announced in April 2015.