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Critics say survey figures inflate threat of on-campus rapes

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December 08, 2014

The alarming government statistic that one in five women is sexually assaulted while in college has been cited by the Obama administration and in frequent news reports as it has become a rallying cry for changes on campus.

Meeting evolving demands in international education

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  • Forbes

December 07, 2014

Relevant education and training opportunities are key to converting the current “youth bulge” into a development dividend, such as the large youth population that fueled growth in Asian countries in the 1960s.

The college rape overcorrection

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  • Slate

December 06, 2014

Sexual assault on campus is a serious problem. But efforts to protect women from a putative epidemic of violence have led to misguided policies that infringe on the civil rights of men.

See The Internet Of Things…In 3D

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  • Semiconductor Engineering

December 04, 2014

No, you don’t need 3D glasses to experience two of the hottest emerging technology trends in electronics — just take advantage of the longest running conference series on the topic of 3-D integrated circuits.

EP ‘energy city’ to add $9bn to GDP annually

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  • Arab News

December 04, 2014

Saudi Aramco plans to establish a mega energy city in the Eastern Province that would contribute about SR33.75 billion ($9 billion) annually to the country’s gross domestic product, a top official has revealed.