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India gang rape: How to reduce violence against women

RTI in the Media

  • Christian Science Monitor

January 16, 2013

The recent death of a woman who was gang-raped in New Delhi has called the world’s attention to an all-too-common occurrence. But efforts in Bangalore, India show change is possible.

How Nanotechnology Allows to Treat Heat Like Llight

RTI in the Media

  • Nanowerk

January 10, 2013

An MIT researcher has developed a technique that provides a new way of manipulating heat, allowing it to be controlled much as light waves can be manipulated by lenses and mirrors.

Patient Portals Help Improve Communication

RTI in the Media

  • ModernMedicine

January 01, 2013

As quality-based reimbursement metrics roll out and new provisions of the Affordable Care Act take effect, new tools to improve efficiencies and engage patients will become increasingly important to help office-based practices thrive, and, in some ca

IFTLE 128: RTI 3D ASIP Part 1; Lester the Lightbulb update

RTI in the Media

  • Solid State Technology

January 01, 2013

Every year since 2005 the 3DIC season as ended with the Research Triangle Institute-sponsored Architectures for Semiconductor Integration and Packaging Conference (which I coined ASIP several years ago as I became tired of typing out the whole phrase