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Solar Continues To Rise In North Carolina

RTI in the Media

  • Solar Power World

September 25, 2013

Despite low retail and avoided-cost rates, legislative threats and a regulated electricity market, North Carolina’s solar-market growth accelerated in 2013.

Majority of Children Remain at Home After Maltreatment Investigation

RTI in the Media

  • Science Daily

September 25, 2013

Eighteen months after the close of a child maltreatment investigation, nearly 80 percent of children are still living in the home with their parents or primary caregivers according to a new report from RTI International and the U.S Dept.

Tax Drumbeat Grows Louder

RTI in the Media

  • Food Business News

September 21, 2013

Two recent reports reached different conclusions regarding the question of whether to tax sugar-sweetened beverages.

Can North Carolina Reinvent the Office Park?

RTI in the Media

  • The Atlantic

September 19, 2013

For decades, a monument to the 1950s has shimmered in the woods due northwest of Raleigh, an enduring tribute to the time when cars were king, suburban living was the idyll, and the fruits of American invention seemed limitless.