Giving Ugandans a Voice in Their Local and National Government

This solar-powered system supplies water to a health center in Bbaale, Uganda.

After participating in a GAPP leadership forum, a local official spearheaded the construction of this solar-powered water system in Bbaale, Uganda.

Community improvements like the water system in Bbaale are one way in which elected officials who participated in the Leadership Forums are having an impact.

Additional results of the leadership forums include:

  • Reduced conflict between political and technical staff
  • Improved skills in budget scrutiny, deliberations in council, and monitoring of service delivery
  • Streamlined coordination of the refugee response due to support for integration of development partners’ activities into the district work plans
  • Improved capacity to advocate and lobby for funds from other donors

GAPP will come to a close in November 2019. We are proud of our contributions and those of our many partners and collaborators to this innovative program.  We hope the relationship between Ugandan citizens and their local leaders continues to strengthen and prosper over time.

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