Air Filter and Air Cleaner Testing

Comprehensive filter testing services for manufacturers and users of standard and high-efficiency air cleaners

Air filter and air cleaner manufacturers, filter media and sorbent manufacturers, Air cleaner users and sellers, Government agencies, universities

Our experts in aerosol filtration, gas adsorption, and microbiology offer unmatched capabilities to evaluate the efficiency of air cleaning equipment in removing particulate, gas, and bioaerosol contaminants. We work with filter manufacturers and users, testing air cleaners ranging from the common furnace filter to high-efficiency filters used in hospitals. Through programs with the American Society of Heating, Refrigeration, and Air Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE) and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), we developed the test methods that led to the ASHRAE 52.2, 145.2, and 185.1 standards.

As an independent research institute, we are able to offer unbiased and confidential product assessments that follow standard or custom testing protocols. Our business processes are flexible and can accommodate client needs regarding payment.

State-of-the-Art Facilities and Comprehensive Testing Services

Our extensive facilities combine modern test ducts with cutting-edge aerosol, gas, and microbiological generation and measurement equipment.

Testing services include

  • ISO 16890 – full tests, initial efficiencies, IPA conditioning, and/or Arrestance/dust-loading
  • ASHRAE 52.2 and variations – including initial efficiencies, partial dust loads, and alternate dusts
  • Nanoparticle efficiency tests
  • Conditioning tests – KCl, IPA dip/spray/vapor
  • EPA Method 319 and modified Method 319
  • ASHRAE 145.2 gas-phase air cleaner tests
  • Modified ASHRAE 145.2 gas-phase air cleaner tests
  • ASHRAE 185 single pass bioaerosol removal tests
  • Bioaerosol Chamber tests: viruses, bacteria, spores
  • In-room, gas-phase air cleaner tests
  • Swatch, fabric, and media tests.

We test a wide variety of air cleaners and devices, including

  • Ventilation filters
  • Gaseous contaminant air cleaners
  • Biocide-treated media
  • Paint overspray arrestors
  • Aerosol filtration
  • Gas adsorption
  • Nanoparticle generation and testing
  • Media samples
  • UV, UV-PCO, and other reactive systems.

Developing New Standards and Methods to Advance the Science of Filtration Testing

Drawing on our experience with ASHRAE and EPA programs, we can develop test methods designed for your product. If no method exists or your device is not covered under standard test protocols, our experts will work closely with your team to ensure test results deliver meaningful data on the performance of your product.