William D. Wheaton

Senior Geospatial Scientist


  • MA, Liberal Studies, Duke University
  • BA, Geography, Dartmouth College

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William D. Wheaton is a senior geospatial scientist in RTI’s Geospatial Science and Technology program at RTI International. He has more than 30 years of experience applying geographic information systems (GIS) technology in environmental and social science research. He leads and coordinates GIS tasks in support of diverse research throughout RTI and for external government and commercial clients. In addition to maintaining technical proficiency with GIS and related technologies, Mr. Wheaton has an extensive background teaching GIS and related topics to industry and government.

Mr. Wheaton has developed GIS methodologies, databases, and programs to support a wide range of GIS research related to health and social policy, infectious disease modeling, surface water quality, groundwater quality, human and ecological risk assessments, air quality, survey research, and environmental contamination. He has led projects of varying sizes and complexity, from large multiyear, multimillion dollar projects such as development the National Hydrography Dataset (NHD), and supporting geospatial data and synthetic population development for the Models of Infectious Disease Agent Study (MIDAS) to many medium- and small-sized projects requiring efficient use of resources and rapid response to client needs.