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Probability-based samples on Twitter

Social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter can be excellent resources for collecting data, especially when targeting a hard-to-reach or rare population. However, data collection through social media has generally relied on non-...


Post-prison relationship dissolution and intimate partner violence

Prior work suggests that partner violence may occur in the context of relationship dissolution among couples in which the male partner is reentering from prison. Using longitudinal data from 666 reentering men and their female partners, we found...


Family life before and during incarceration

It is widely recognized that a father’s incarceration strains a family, but too little is known about preincarceration family life, how families divided by incarceration navigate the imprisonment, and what they expect for postrelease family life...


Partnerships after prison

In this article, we utilize quantitative and qualitative data from the Multi-Site Family Study on Incarceration, Parenting, and Partnering (MFS-IP) to examine couple relationships during men’s reentry. Couples were significantly less likely to...


“Always having hope”

Despite a substantial base of literature on father–child relationships, little is known about how incarceration affects these relationships, or how fathers connect with and support their children during the reentry period. In the Multi-site...


Profile of justice-involved marijuana and other substance users

Substance users are more likely to have co-occurring health problems, and this pattern is intensified among those involved with the criminal justice system. Interview data for 1977 incarcerated men in 5 states from the Multi-site Family Study on...