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Salience of survey burden and its effects on response behavior to skip questions

Experimental results from telephone and web-surveys
October 2019

Methods of geo-spatial sampling

October 2019

Interviewer involvement in sample selection shapes the relationship between response rates and data quality

September 2019

Is that still the same? Has that changed? On the accuracy of measuring change with dependent interviewing

July 2019

Misreporting among reluctant respondents

June 2019

Participating in a panel survey changes respondents’ labour market behaviour

January 2019

Using administrative records to increase quality and reduce burden in the survey of graduate students and postdoctorates in science and engineering

December 2018

Innovative sample designs using GIS technology

October 2018

Motivated misreporting in web panels

September 2018

Unmanned aircraft systems can improve survey data collection

June 2018

Misreporting to looping questions in surveys

Recall, motivation and burden
April 2018

Does granting linkage consent in the beginning of the questionnaire affect data quality?

December 2017


October 2017

Alternatives to full listing for second stage sampling

Methods and implications
August 2017

Editorial - Special issue on Total Survey Error (TSE)

May 2017

Are survey nonrespondents willing to provide consent to use administrative records?

Evidence from a nonresponse follow-up survey in Germany
May 2017

Following Up with Nonrespondents via Mode Switch and Shortened Questionnaire in an Economic Survey:

Evaluating Nonresponse Bias, Measurement Error Bias, and Total Bias
April 2017

Evaluating the quality of survey and administrative data with generalized multitrait-multimethod models

March 2017

Interviewers’ expectations of response propensity can introduce nonresponse bias in survey data

March 2017

Total Survey Error in Practice

February 2017

The Undercoverage-Nonresponse Trade-Off

February 2017

Do interviewers juggle filtering in surveys? Evidence from a cross-classified multilevel approach

September 2016

Analysis of Data from Stratified and Clustered Surveys

August 2016

Using Call-Level Interviewer Observations to Improve Response Propensity Models

December 2015

Motivated Misreporting

Shaping Answers to Reduce Survey Burden
September 2015

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