Publications Related to "Nicholas C. Peiper"


Polydrug use among heroin users in Cleveland, OH

BACKGROUND: Since 2000, heroin use patterns have shifted within the United States. How this change may relate to polydrug use among local heroin users is unknown. Although polydrug use has been studied, user perceptions of drug use in terms of...


Fentanyl test strips as an opioid overdose prevention strategy

BACKGROUND: In 2016, the number of overdose deaths involving illicitly-manufactured fentanyl (IMF) surpassed heroin and prescription opioid deaths in the United States for the first time, with IMF-involved overdose deaths increasing more than 500...


Comparing medical and recreational cannabis use among employees

Nearly one in five US employees reports having used cannabis in the past year. As policies and laws regarding cannabis use rapidly change, concerns have arisen over employees' use of cannabis, for both medical and recreational purposes. While...


Vaping synthetic cannabinoids

Smoking is the most common route of administration for cannabis; however, vaping cannabis extracts and synthetic cannabinoids ("fake marijuana") in electronic cigarette devices has become increasingly popular. Yet, most animal models used to...