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Genetic contributions to urgency urinary incontinence in women

Results Following quality control, 975,508 single nucleotide polymorphisms in 2,241 cases (discovery 1,102; replication 1,133) and 776 controls (discovery 405, replication 371) remained. Genotype imputation resulted in 9,077,347 single...


Prenatal Counseling on Seat Belt Use and Crash-Related Medical Care

Describe the prevalence of and characteristics associated with being hurt in a car accident during pregnancy; the resulting medical care needed; and the association between counseling and the medical care needed after a car accident. Secondary...


The PhenX Toolkit pregnancy and birth collections

PURPOSE: Pregnancy and childbirth are normal conditions, but complications and adverse outcomes are common. Both genetic and environmental factors influence the course of pregnancy. Genetic epidemiologic research into pregnancy outcomes could be...