Michael McKay

International Development Technologist

Michael McKay


  • BS, Computer Science Engineering, University of California at Los Angeles
  • BA, Management Engineering, Claremont McKenna College

Michael McKay is a technology specialist focused on information and communications technology (ICT) solutions for developing countries. He is the lead architect of Coconut Surveillance, a next-generation open source tool that enables public health workers to collect data in support of malaria elimination protocols. He leads development of advanced mobile data collection and electronic payment systems that leverage mobile technology advances in East Africa. He also contributed to the development of a suite of tablet- and smartphone-based tools—Tangerine, Tangerine Class, and Papaya—that support early grade learning and assessments in more than 60 countries.

He also led technical strategy for a multi-stakeholder initiative funded by Qualcomm Wireless to improve public health reporting in the Philippines through the development and adoption of electronic medical records.

Prior to joining RTI, Mr. McKay served as Country Director for Baobab Health in Malawi, where he led a team that designed, developed, deployed, and supported a point-of-care, protocol-driven electronic medical records system in conjunction with the Malawi Ministry of Health.

Mr. McKay has consulted for the Health Informatics group at the World Health Organization (WHO) and has developed SMS-based drug adherence systems and survey tools. He has worked in and traveled to more than 36 countries.