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Primary care interventions to prevent child maltreatment

Importance: Child maltreatment, also referred to as child abuse and neglect, can result in lifelong negative consequences. Objective: To update the evidence on interventions provided in or referable from primary care to prevent child...


Exploring the value of waiting during labor

Of the nearly four million births that occur each year in the United States, almost one in three is a cesarean delivery. Despite the increasing C-section rate over the years, there is no evidence that the increase has caused a decrease in...


Screening for depression in pediatric primary care

PURPOSE OF REVIEW: To review the clinical practice guideline landscape for depression screening in pediatric primary care and to identify current gaps in knowledge. RECENT FINDINGS: Various organizations have recommendations that support...


Screening to prevent osteoporotic fractures

IMPORTANCE Osteoporotic fractures cause significant morbidity and mortality. OBJECTIVE To update the evidence on screening and treatment to prevent osteoporotic fractures for the US Preventive Services Task Force. DATA SOURCES...