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Sentencing in light of collateral consequences

Purpose: Most sentencing studies control for offender age, but we know little about how age influences alternative sentencing outcomes, especially those that can mitigate the collateral consequences of conviction. Theories predict varying effects...


Social consequences of mass reentry

This chapter examines the broader social implications of mass incarceration and reentry. It first considers the characteristics of the communities that are most affected by high rates of incarceration and, thus, likely high rates of reentry. In...


The Effects of Prison Programming

Advancing Criminology and Criminal Justice Policy is a definitive sourcebook that is comprised of contributions from some of the most recognized experts in criminology and criminal justice policy. The book is essential reading for students taking...


Estimating labor trafficking among farmworkers

The lack of knowledge on the magnitude of the human-trafficking problem regionally and internationally remains the weakest link in the current countertrafficking movement and has given rise to estimates and unsubstantiated claims. However,...