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The original version of this article unfortunately contained a mistake. The spelling of the fifth author's name was incorrectly published as Masha Ellison.


Measurement of childhood serious emotional disturbance

Surveys suggest that between 4.3% and 11.5% of children living in the United States have a serious emotional disturbance (SED). SED is defined in the Federal Register, and federal block grants are allocated to states based on the prevalence of...


Supported education for individuals with psychiatric disabilities

OBJECTIVE: Supported education (SEd) is a promising practice that supports and encourages educational goals and attainment among individuals with psychiatric disabilities. This paper provides insights into how SEd objectives are pursued in...


Mental health service use in adolescence

Objective: This study examined mental health service use, by service type, of adolescents ages 12–17. Methods: Data were from approximately 113,000 adolescents who participated in the 2008–2012 National Survey on Drug Use...