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Encapsulation and controlled delivery of strong mineral acids

A polymer-encapsulated mineral acid solution and a method for forming the polymer-encapsulated mineral acid solution. Introducing a strong mineral acid solution to a monomer solution occurs such that a primary emulsion that is a water-in-oil type...

RTI Press Research Report

New tools for the schistosomiasis elimination toolbox

Schistosomiasis is a neglected tropical disease (NTD) affecting about 260 million people worldwide. Elimination of schistosomiasis remains a challenge because of high reinfection rates and limitations of current treatment guidelines and disease...


Cementitious fracture fluid and methods of use thereof

The present disclosure relates to cementitious fluids comprising additives configured to form a permeable cement matrix after curing of the cement. The cementitious fluids can comprise a cementitious medium (e.g., a cement slurry) with a...


Core/shell systems for delayed delivery of concentrated mineral acid

Acid stimulation, for both oil and gas wells, greatly supports the industry as a versatile means of enhancing production. Although acids enhance carbonate reservoir permeability to hydrocarbons, the reaction rates of the acid [e. g., hydrochloric...

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Methods for assessing the adherence to medical devices

The assessment of patient adherence to medication is necessary to distinguish between nonadherence and inferior drug efficacy, which is crucial for avoiding poor clinical outcomes. Adherence measurements pose various challenges, as many methods...