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RTI Press Occasional Paper

Decentralization and decentralized education finance in Egypt (2007-2013)

Over the period 2007–2013, a series of undertakings were made to introduce fundamental elements of decentralized education finance to Egypt. In 2009, 8.4M Egyptian pounds (EGP) of the Government of Egypt’s (GOE) budget was decentralized to every...

RTI Press Occasional Paper

Education finance in Egypt

Egypt, currently in the throes of major political change, will likely undergo various reforms in the next few years. Some reforms are likely to give local entities, including schools, greater control over education finances. In 2007, the...

RTI Press Occasional Paper

Decentralization for high-quality education

As developing countries seek to improve the quality of their education systems, one approach they are considering is decentralization. But transforming a centralized system into one that is decentralized and high quality is a complex undertaking...


Of square pegs and round holes: Training in developing countries

Training is a central feature of most social sector development efforts. This paper examines the impact of training against the backdrop of the Education Sector Reforms Assistance (ESRA) program and draws the conclusion that without attending to...