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RTI Press Research Brief

Unmanned aircraft systems can improve survey data collection

Unmanned aircraft systems (UAS), or drones, will disrupt many industries in the next 5 to 10 years. In this research brief, we speculate about how UAS could be used in survey data collection to make survey data more accurate and/or less costly....


ROIC for 3 μm pixel pitch colloidal quantum dot detectors

The DARPA Wafer-scale Infrared Detectors (WIRED) program requires the development of low cost detector technologies with high quantum efficiency and low dark current based on colloidal quantum dots (CQDs) of compound semiconductors. The program...


Wafer-level vacuum packaging of smart sensors

The reach and impact of the Internet of Things will depend on the availability of low-cost, smart sensors "low cost" for ubiquitous presence, and "smart" for connectivity and autonomy. By using wafer-level processes not only for the smart sensor...


Three dimensional interconnect structure and method thereof

A three-dimensional interconnect includes a first substrate bonded to a second substrate, the first substrate including a device layer and a bulk semiconductor layer, a metal pad disposed on the second substrate, an electrically insulating layer...


Advances in three-dimensional integration technologies in support

Staring infrared focal plane arrays (FPAs) require pixel-level, three-dimensional (3D) integration with silicon readout integrated circuits (ROICs) that provide detector bias, integrate detector current, and may further process the signals. There...