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Holding On cover

Actionable Insight from Unprecedented Study on Families Affected by Incarceration Available in New Book

October 03, 2019

Methods for improving representativeness in a web survey on sexual assault among college students

September 2019

Holding on

Family and fatherhood during and after incarceration
July 2019
RTI in the Media

48% of Female Undergrads at Duke Say They Were Sexually Assaulted While Enrolled, Up Sharply From 2016

February 22, 2019
RTI in the Media

Survey: 48% of Female Undergrad Respondents Said They Were Sexually Assaulted During Time at Duke

February 21, 2019

American Society of Criminology 74th Annual Meeting

Nov 14 2018

Intimate partner violence in couples navigating incarceration and reentry

October 2018

Post-prison relationship dissolution and intimate partner violence

Separation-instigated violence or violence-instigated separation?
September 2018
female math professor

Not just a "pipeline" problem

News Release

Sexual harassment affects career trajectories of women in sciences, engineering and medicine

June 13, 2018

Sexual harassment experiences and consequences for women faculty in science, engineering, and medicine

June 2018

Cross-site evaluation of the Bureau of Justice Assistance FY 2011 Second Chance Act adult offender reentry demonstration projects

Final report
June 2018

The impact of greeting personalization on prevalence estimates in a survey of sexual assault victimization

June 2018
father hugging daughter

The Challenge of Second Chances: 10 Things to Know About Reentering Society Post-Incarceration


Sexual Assault on College Campuses: Are Climate Surveys Still Relevant?

Child well-being when fathers return from prison

April 2018

The multi-site family study on incarceration, partnering and parenting

Program impacts
March 2018

The multi-site family study on incarceration, partnering and parenting

Design and sample
March 2018

Family life before and during incarceration

March 2018

Partnerships after prison

Couple relationships during reentry
March 2018

Whose punishment, whose crime? Understanding parenting and partnership in a time of mass incarceration

February 2018

“Always having hope”

Father–child relationships after reentry from prison
February 2018

Reentry court research

An overview of findings from the National Institute of Justice’s evaluation of Second Chance Act adult reentry courts
January 2018

Individual, behavioral, and situational correlates of the drugging victimization experiences of college women

December 2017

Sensitivity of sexual victimization estimates to definitional and measurement decisions

November 2017

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